Start Up in Lackawanna County

Economic Incentives & Programs

Lackawanna County offers unparalleled economic development resources and tax advantages, including grants, incentives and low-interest financing, that will make your relocation to or expansion in Lackawanna County a cost-effective and successful endeavor.

We bring together all of our area’s economic development partners and serve as your single point of contact. We work collaboratively with your business through the various programs available. No matter your goal, we can match your venture to a program that will help foster job creation and stimulate business growth. Learn more by visiting the Lackawanna County or Scranton Plan sites today.

Programs include:

  • Ben Franklin Technology Partners
  • Community Reinvest
  • Guaranteed Free Training Program (WEDNETPA)
  • Job Creation Tax Credit
  • Keystone Innovation Zone Program
  • Keystone Opportunity Zone Program
  • Lackawanna County Wireless Information Technology Infrastructure Initiative
  • Land Development & Construction Fee Waiver Program
  • MetroAction
  • NEPA Alliance International Business Development Program
  • NEPA Alliance Procurement Technical Assistance Center (NEPA PTAC)
  • NEPA Alliance Energy Resource Center
  • NEPA Alliance Research & Information Center
  • NEPA Alliance Economic Impact Modeling
  • NEPA Alliance GIS Program
  • PA Economic Development Financing Authority (PEDFA) Tax Exempt Bond Program
  • Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority (PIDA) Loan Program
  • Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP)
  • SBA Loan Fee Waiver Program
  • TecBridge Business Plan Competition
  • Wireless Technology Infrastructure Initiative
  • Workforce Training and Human Resources Assistance
“When you step into our building you can actually feel the difference and how it relates to people being committed and passionate about their work – from the moment they walk in to the moment they walk out.” –Susan E. Unvarsky, Senior Vice President, Client Services, Prudential Retirement